CdA01 Specification

Aerodynamic cycle testing on the road.

Paired with a power meter and speed sensor, the device measures aerodynamic drag coefficient, CdA, in real-time, giving instant feedback to
the cyclist on aerodynamic performance.  Derived from Formula 1 technology, resulting in a completely novel aerodynamic probe design optimised for yaw angles and flow speeds
encountered on bicycles.

The specification of this groundbreaking product is as follows:

Yaw Accuracy: +/-1° up to 30°; +/-2.5° up to 50°.

Speed Accuracy: +/-1% up to 30° yaw; +/-2.5% up to 50° yaw.

Altitude Resolution: +/- 50mm 

CdA repeatability: +/-1% at up to 20° yaw for speed > 20kph

Weight: <40g

Battery life: >30 hours

Connectivity: ANT+